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White River Foundry/Sculpture Atelier is a full service bronze sculpture casting foundry. Established in 1988 for sculptors who want only the highest quality.   We are currently casting bronze, aluminum, silver, urethanes, and Forton MG a unique plastic/plaster system. Other services offered are mold making, blacksmithing, both ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication, woodworking, stone work, bronze and stone restoration and sculpture project management both large and small.  The atelier (sculpture workshop) takes commissions for all types of original sculpture, furniture and architectural elements in both contemporary and traditional styles.  See the “Gallery” and “Commissions” section for examples of Mark Parmenter’s sculpture. By following the links at the top of the page you will find more information about the foundry and atelier.  The gallery sections have examples of Mark Parmenter’s sculpture  both commissioned work and work for sale. The ARTICLES page will give you an idea of what foundry work and creating bronze sculptures is all about. Please feel free to e-mail (mparmen@comcast.net) or text/call  (812-829-6583) if you have questions or want a quotation on your latest project. Don't forget to bookmark.  All images are copyrighted.  
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